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What we do best.

We specialize in working with individuals who have faced traumatic/distressing experiences and we have a niche for identity and intersectionality. The practice aims to help individuals heal, find inner peace, and establish a sense of purpose. We are committed to help individuals in the following areas:

  • Anyone who can use a place to heal
  • Racially/Ethnically/Culturally Diverse
  • Survivors of trauma
  • Creative Minded/Performers
  • Highly Sensitive People
  • Introverts
  • Empaths/Caretakers
  • Emerging & Young Adults
  • Partners & Families
  •  & more…
  • Depression & Anxiety Disorders
  • Grief & Loss
  • Trauma & PTSD
  • Identity Exploration
  • Gender Dysphoria
  • Self Esteem & Inner Critic
  • Minority Stress
  • Anger & other difficult emotions
  • Bullying & Interpersonal Violence 
  • Academic & Professional Performance
  • Conflict Resolution & Communication
  • Codependency & Attachment Issues
  • Boundaries & Self Care
  • Substance Use 
  • & more…

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Individual Counseling

For those who want to work through things independently.

Individual counseling is an opportunity to explore, connect, and cope. Together we can help you navigate and manage: stress, trauma, anxiety, identity exploration, self esteem/body image, life transitions, conflict resolution, relationships, discrimination, family experiences and more.

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Relationship Goals

Counseling for various forms of relationships.

Want to strengthen your relationship or heal from hurt? All relationships and family structures are welcome here. While relationships can be rewarding, they can also be complex. Relationship goals can help you connect, understand, and communicate more effectively with your loved one. We also specialize in intersectional relationships—helping partner(s) and family members bridge the complexities of their differing identities, gender expression, cultural experiences, and beliefs.

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Writing Wounds

Using writing to heal.

Writing has the power to restore and remediate. And for some, writing allows for effective communication and expression. Writing Wounds is offered to those who prefer to use poetry, songs, storytelling, journaling, and other creative methods to heal and/or communicate. Your preferred metaphorical expression along with other therapeutic interventions can be used to tackle grief, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, and more.

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For those who are interested in exploring medications to manage their mental health.

At Amani Nia Therapeutic services, we are unable to prescribe medications. However, we work in partnership with a local Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who can address your medication needs. 

To learn more visit spiritclinic.com

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Clinical Supervision

For social workers, mental health counselors, and professional counselors.

Are you in the process of becoming a licensed clinician or newly licensed? We are passionate about the field and love to share our knowledge and experience with others. We provide clinical supervision, support through licensure, expertise working with diverse populations, and training in clinical documentation. We have experience working with the following areas: college counseling, substance use, social service agencies, and mental health. Individual supervision is offered regularly while group supervision is available on a limited basis. 

The following requirements apply:

A copy of your transcript

A copy of your limited permit or license (if applies)

A copy of your resume

A copy of your professional liability insurance

A signed mutual agreement

Signed acknowledgement of your relevant ethical guidelines

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Training & Consultations

For our community partners

Are you interested in learning about issues pertaining to diversity, social justice, trauma, and/or mental wellness? Or would like to partner together in efforts to dismantle systems of oppression? At Amani Nia Therapeutic Services we provide training and consultation regarding issues such as identity, intersectionality, inclusion, discrimination, oppression, interpersonal violence, trauma, and mental wellness. We can help you or your organization learn more about anti-racism, anti-hate, allyship, bystander intervention, how to become more inclusive, and more. We are often looking for community partners who are interested in and/or passionate about creating a world that is more accepting, welcoming, and well. 

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Financial Coaching

For those interested in becoming financially well

At Amani Nia Therapeutic Services, we recognize how finances can directly correlate with mental health. That is why we have partnered with Team Ni’Vagation at Ni’vagate My Credit Score. While they focus on credit repair, they approach restoration with a holistic lens and address your mind, money, and home! With Team Ni’Vagation you get a customized financial regimen along with a partnership; someone to hold your hand as you rebuild and work towards accomplishing your goals. The bonus is watching your score and savings rise, all while your debt and delinquent accounts vanish. All are welcome to join—they service individuals, couples, professionals and students! Visit Navigate My Credit Score today to start on your path to financial wellness.

To learn more visit: http://nivagatemycreditscore.com

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Online Sessions

Available for all CT, NJ, & NY residents

Time is everything. At Amani Nia Therapeutic Services we believe that therapy should be accessible for all. To support those who are unable to access our location, unable to secure childcare, juggling responsibilities, etc. —we offer all services online. Through our HIPAA compliant video platform, you can engage in therapy without leaving the comfort of your home. This option is available to those located anywhere in Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

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Nutrition Counseling

Available for CT & NY residents seeking a healthier relationship with food

The Celestial Life offers nutrition counseling for those struggling with
eating disorders, disordered eating, or want support with general
nutrition. We will work with you to address your needs while helping you
develop a better relationship to food by embracing your culture and
being inclusive of your cultural foods. We are aware that body diversity
is real and will approach counseling by practicing and recognizing
health at every size while we work together to help you develop a better
relationship to your body.
To learn more visit: http://thecelestiallife.com