Master of Arts, Counseling and Community Psychology
Sage Graduate School

Bachelor of Science, Applied Biology
Sage College of Albany

Mental Health Counselor – Limited Permit, NY- P117815

Sean Clay

Hello! My name is Sean Clay (he/him). My clients describe me as empowering, nonjudgmental,
patient, and perceptive. I believe the most fulfilling form of counseling begins with a trusting
relationship between the client and counselor. I hold this belief closely to create an optimal,
comfortable environment where the client can feel safe in their self-discovery and mindfulness
while also feeling understood in a respectful manner.

I aspire to stand as an advocate for equity, not only for ethnic or racial minorities, but also for
minority identities within sexual orientation, sex, gender, and disability. I understand diversity to
be one of the most useful and underestimated aspects of empathy, support, and progress. The
communities I support include, but are not limited to: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of
Color), LGBTQAI+, TGNC, youth and young adults, members of inter-racial relationships,
trauma survivors, members of non-traditional families, and students. My therapeutic approach
involves learning about the experiences of the client related to their needs, then collaboratively
creating a plan for how to address these needs.

I know that no two people are the same. Everyone is unique and as such, everyone deserves their
own personalized method of treatment that carefully considers their strengths, burdens, and
current situation. Therefore, I strive to create an approach that is best suited to the individual. My
experience includes working with young adults and students at a college counseling center where
clients and I mutually aspired toward personal and academic well-being. My previous experience
also includes addressing substance misuse, prevention, healthy coping, and mindfulness.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I look forward to learning about you as well,
while working collaboratively toward your aspirations.

More About Me.

Lover Of...

Pencil Sketching

Make it your own.

My favorite part of pencil sketching is discovering where inspiration comes from. I enjoy taking
parts of what I see around me, whether it is from nature, everyday life, or other pieces of art, and
combining them to make something entirely my own.


Persevere toward your goals.

Fitness has always played a significant role in my life, whether it has been through marital arts,
soccer, track and field, or weight training. My attention to fitness is how I put into practice the
value of perseverance. For me, it is learning and working toward reaching goals that were
previously thought to be unobtainable.


Losses are lessons.

Whether it is a game of Uno, Checkers, Basketball, or Mario Kart, I love how games can spark a
sense of competition between friends and family. I know myself to learn well under this
pressure, especially with losses and enjoy using those lessons in following attempts to grow new